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“The Crossing”

This painting was inspired by The Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona AZ

The Chapel of the Holy Cross has been a spiritual journey for me and countless others that have visited this site. While visiting and meditating at the chapel Mother Mary guided my visions and healing. She inspired me to paint this piece. The frequency of Love Vibrations radiate through the hues of green, yellow and blue layers, aligning to the rays of light. I then was guided to infuse crystals with the frequency of love directed by the Universal Source. These frequency come in through toning and the Language of Light directed by the Universal Source of All. 

$675.00 + Shipping

“The Hearts Pathway”

The walk began in the darkness and open to the Light!

“The Hearts Pathway” was inspired during a clearing session on the heart. The hurt, pain, anger, betrayal, rage, and sadness released. The darkness moving out as the vibrational rays of pink love lite the way.

 $415.00  + Shipping