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Feb. 18 – 3 YEAR?

Fold Flame Class and Meditation






June 11, 2016 

Immersive workshop entitled: “Painting the Soul: You are the Artist of Your Life!”

Center for Spiritual Living— St George, Utah



– Learn to heal through the Intuitive Painting process which awakens your core essence.

– Release ego, fears, sadness, and unsureness as you ascend into Color, Sound, and Vibrations of the Universal energies.

– Discover and bring to LIFE your consciousness through a process that engages not only your creative self, but your “I Am” Presences.

– Work with the Angelic Realm and Guided Meditation.



May 22, 2016

Expand, Create, and Express Yourself





May 7, 2016 

“Painting the Soul” Immersive Workshop

Center for Spiritual Living— St George, Utah


During the workshop, participants learned:

• To heal through the intuitive painting process which awakens one’s core essence;

• Release the ego by ascending into the color, sound, and vibration of one’s divine energies; and

• Discover and bring to life one’s consciousness through a process that engages the creative self and the “I Am” presence.

Working with the Angelic Realm, Guided Meditation, and Intuitive Painting are the foundations of this class.




July 16, 2016

Painting Your Soul Workshop: “Healing your Inner Soul through Intuitive Painting.”

Center for Spiritual Living, St. George, Utah


– What would it take for you to release your Inner Soul to Freedom?

– Have you ever felt like: You don’t belong, are stuck in a loop, often asking, “What am I doing here?  What is my purpose?”


• Releasing blocks, fears, sadness

• Awakening your Creative Soul Spirit

• Opening yourself to healing your Inner Child

• Jumping into Freedom through imagery!


Connecting with your guides

doing a meditation with sound vibration

Angel readings, healings, and more.  


Imagine how your life will shift as you explore through the medium of paint how to see your life differently… with more purpose!




July 23, 2016:

An Hour With Your Guides Session & Light Language

Hurricane, Utah

Information about Language of Light

explore how you can receive meaningful messages from your Guides


– What the Language of Light is.. and how to access and work with it.

– How to channel your Guides… and experience how other people channel energy.


introductions and the last 15 minutes will be grounding

hour of meditation and channeling in between. 



Feb 18, 2016

Igniting the 3 Fold Flame – New Class and Clearing Meditation

The Center for Spiritual Living, St. George, Utah


This is an intuitive painting class, a clearing meditation, and so much more. I encourage you to come and receive. It’s about receiving in your heart. When Peace comes to us; we heal, we love! Love is the Only Universal Source Way. From Peace, Love Grows and Joy Radiates the World. Join me in creating Peace, Love, and Joy – and Sharing our Gratitude with Our Beloved Mother Earth.



August 20, 2016

Spiritual Painting Class 

The Center for Spiritual Living, St. George, Utah


Deidre Lynne in Nature.

Join us on a Journey of your Soul…bring in the Real YOU:

• Awakening your Creative Spirit

• Connecting with Abundance, Prosperity, and Freedom

• Healing Meditation, Angel Reading, and more!


 Learn more about soul paintings.